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Re: The Dark Knight Returns animated movies news

I really enjoyed it - it had the "feeling" of the original Frank Miller graphic novel without looking so forced that it was almost a joke, but I do like the visual tricks they did with some of the sequences, especially with Two Face. The fight with the head Mutant was pretty well done, considering in the comic it was very stylized.

They impressed me, considering that they made an "old" story feel pretty fresh and almost like it could have easily slotted into the old Batman Animated Series. All you would have needed was Kevin Conroy to voice Batman - but I'll admit Peter Weller was an interesting choice. I sort of was hoping for somone more gravely voiced but then again, it was pretty cool having Robocop/Buckaroo Banzai voicing Batman.

I really am looking forward to Part 2 - but I wonder how they'll hand some of the far more sexual nature toward the end of the series. With an overweight Selina Kyle tied up in a Wonder Woman costume. Or the Dr. Joyce Brothers "Zex Und Zex Und ZEX!" thing.

So we'll see - will they punk out and go vanilla for the "kiddies" or will they keep it all in and say "hey for 'dults only!"
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