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Where can I find good screenshots for a homemade poster?

Hi everyone! Since beginning Star Trek, I've begun to really feel inspired by the character of Capt. Kirk. I'm about to enter the most hellish months of my student career (second-year law), and to keep my spirits up, I would really like to have a picture of Kirk for a small poster. The official poster fare doesn't much appeal to me, though, because my tastes are oddly specific: I really want a picture of Kirk looking into the camera with a straight face (no smiles, but no rage either; just dignified and calm. No Spock either, if I can help it). The idea is that when I'm feeling tired, grumpy, or lazy, I want to take one look at it and feel compelled to get over it and press on.

I think a screenshot would be perfect - there are probably plenty of times that would suit my needs from various dramatic moments in the show - so if anyone knows of a screenshot repository, it could save me a lot of time and hassle with trying to get a clean, still picture. Any ideas (resources or episodes)?

Thanks so much!
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