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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

Eh--I quickly lost interest in this series. It had a promising start with a solid pilot but this second episode reminded me why I was hesitant about the show to start with--Braugher is the only good and compelling actor on the show, the rest of the cast is bland esp the steroetypical female officer trying to prove herself to the crew and that annoying character that developed the Perseus system on the sub, and probably its biggest problem is yet another government conspiracy bogging it all down and the writers telling similar military stories I've seen before--internal dissent, crewmembers blind loyalty vs thoughtfulness etc.

This season of tv has been awful so far with the few new shows I've sampled being mediocre to awful(Revolution, Vegas, Last Resort, Park Avenue) and returning shows being tired(Supernatural and Fringe). I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer for something to possibly come along with the winter premieres of stuff like Cult.
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