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Yeah, Cerberus became really ridiculous in ME3. Maybe if the gap between it and ME2 had been like five years, or if BioWare had done a better job of setting them up in ME1 (IIRC, at that that Cerberus was just a cool side thing they'd added in, and it wasn't until ME2 that they decided to make Cerberus a major player).
You think so?

The same Cerverus that, YEARS ago, performed horrific and lethal experiments on children with the goal of creating a super-biotic?

The same Cerberus who intentionally fed the entire Akuze colony to thresher maws just to see what would happen?

The same Cerberus who tried to breed an army of Rachnii and Thorian creepers as living bioweapons?

The same Cerberus that recovered Commander Shephard's frozen corpse from Alchea and spent two years reanimating him with the most advanced technology imaginable?

The same Cerberus that managed to build and upgrade the most advanced Alliance warship ever designed?

The same Cerberus that performed horrific experiments on an autistic savant with the intention of controlling the Geth?

Are you not seeing a pattern here? Nothing Cerberus did in ME3 is in any way different from what they've been known to do in the previous too games. Their fundamental priority is and has always been to build an army that would be able to fight on mankind's behalf, under the exclusive control of the Illusive Man; the use of reaper technology and indoctrination finally allowed the Illusive Man to do this in an effective way, and by the time the Reapers invaded he had thousands of peons under his thumb to do this.

It also has to be pointed out that Cerberus is constantly kidnapping and converting people throughout ME3 (probably ME2 as well, which would explain why the Alliance thought they might be behind the colony abductions). As at least one in-game example: if you don't save Grissom Academy from Cerberus, by the end of the game you wind up having to fight Jack as a Phantom (and it's implied that Rodriguez will end up being converted into a Nemesis).

Why do you think the Illusive Man is so obsessed with controlling the reapers? Because he's spent the last thirty years trying to figure out how to control EVERYTHING ELSE. He's like sci-fi's Mitt Romney: master of the hostile takeover.
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