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Re: So how do you ignore someone....

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I take it most of you aren't aware of your surroundings like I am.
Wow, you are just the most awesome person ever. Except for that whole not being able to handle basic human interactions like an adult thing.

Nick086 wrote: View Post
Nah I'll leave the insulting to the experts I'm for sure don't insult people unless they do it first.
Ah, so not even your situational awareness is as good as you've let on.

Are you going to answer Kreacher's question about how you know that she thinks you're trying to cheat without saying a word? Did she give you an angry glare? Hide her paper?

Because your current pattern of being vague and incoherent and unresponsive and then lashing out at people responding to you or asking questions makes it look like the whole point of this thread is simply to provoke a reaction.
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