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Re: So how do you ignore someone....

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So how do you ignore someone that think your trying to copy or cheat off of them? I sit next to this girl in my 8:00 a.m. 101 History class. I know I do pretty well in the class I have a B+ average right now in the class I know I can can do better I'm not really into Antiquity like Ancient Rome and Greece. I'm only taking this class to boost my GPA after getting a C+ in Geology. What your best way to ignore jerks like that?
There are a few things you could do, and some have been mentioned. You could:

1. Try talking to her about it.
2. Move to a different seat.
3. Politely let her know that she can move if she's uncomfortable.
4. Just pay attention to the professor while you're in class and ignore her. That would mean no talking or making eye contact. And when you have a test, just turn away from her to focus on and write on your paper or what have you.

I hope this helps.

(And if you're really worried that she might accuse you of cheating and feel like you can't move, talk to the teacher and have them sit you somewhere else. That way you don't have to be the "bad guy" that took someone's seat. )
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