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Re: Release schedule for remainder of 2012/2013?

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Well, the DVDs have always been labeled "Star Trek: The Original Series" and even though TAS is jsut titled Star Trek, its DVD set is Star Trek: The Animated Series.
Yeah, but the only time the books have followed that convention was during the brief experiment with the "lower decks" books forming a continuity overlapping the events of TOS, which produced the Janus Gate and Errand of Vengeance trilogies before it was abandoned. So it's an unexpected change. Although maybe it's a good idea, since there are so many other books now under the Star Trek label that aren't necessarily part of any specific TV series, so clarifying that something is TOS rather than some other part of the franchise is helpful.

Honestly, given Paramount/CBS seems to stamp subtitles on everything Trek, I was surprised Trek XI was just titled Star Trek with no subtitles at all.
I wasn't surprised, since minimalist sequel titles seems to be an industry-wide trend these days. That's how we got Rambo instead of Rambo IV, Rocky Balboa instead of Rocky VI, The Final Destination instead of Final Destination IV, and Fast & Furious instead of The Fast and the Furious IV.
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