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Re: Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

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I get that you don't like the episode and are reaching for reasons to validate that dislike for it, but don't you think that's a stretch? These are episodes limited to about 45 minutes of airtime.

no... it's not a stretch at all, and i don't try to reach for reasons to dislike something. The problems with the ending of this episode are very apparent enough.

If required information is needed for the story to make sense, then it has to be shown. Otherwise it's sloppy story telling and we are left with the outcome of this episode which paints Worf as both dishonorable and scheming, Dr. Bashir as one hell of a scumbag of a doctor.

Seriously. Erasing someone's memory without consent. That is almost as bad as murder, some would argue it is worse (Probably Kurn). It is completely unethical and immoral. If there is an explanation for it, like you put forth, it MUST be shown or at least told to justify such an action. This isn't one of those situations like "Oh Sisko changed into a new uniform, how did THAT happen? I need an explanation!"... This is required information if you care about the integrity of the characters.

Also, the episode itself doesn't really gel with your explanation, because if Kurn had given consent there would be no need for all the secrecy.
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