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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I just can't stand her. Her whole personality just annoys me. She's obnoxious, useless, and unentertaining. If a character is going to have an obnoxious personality on a tv show, they need to make up for it by being useful and/or entertaining (like Rygel). Instead, we get the woman who walks/moves like shes having a seizure, while doing nothing to help and, frequently, being the cause of the trouble. She's usually irrational ("No, Zhaan, you can't look at my dangerous future predicting picture, its mine", or "No, we can't sacrifice caveman Chricton, I don't care if we all die. sacrifice the evolved one instead"), and just makes situations worse. I refused to watch Taking the Stone, but summaries I've read of it just support my opinion of her. Home on the Remains would have been a pretty good episode, if half of it hadn't been about her (her parts could have been completely written out and the story would have worked fine).

I really have never hated a character in sci Fi like I hate her, she makes everything worse. The only episode of Farscape season two she wasn't able to even partially ruin is the Way We Weren't, and even then her minute or so of screen time was bad. Besides that, even the other episodes I've enjoyed a lot (like Out of their Minds) has been atleast a little less enjoyable just because of her presence. If others like her, fine, to me she just has no redeeming qualities. I never thought I'd see a character who'd make me rather watch Jar Jar or Short Round, but she makes those characters seem like well thought out, well developed, entertaining characters.
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