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Re: Klingon Uniform question.

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Right, but captains wear them when commanding a ship. Even worf wears one when he pretends to be captain of the enterprise in the emissary. I'd hardly think that running the ship in day to day situations would be considered formal?
Some captain's did, some didn't making it seem an optional thing and definitely not a requirement for command being you see subordinates wear them on occasion. If you have a better idea, let's have it.
No no it's not like that, lol. Your most likely right. I appreciate the replies. This has just been something that's been nagging at me for a while. Thanks again.
Honestly I think they just throw them on at random because they look cool and we're left guessing. Certainly that's what I'm doing.

But yeah, the only consistent thing I can come up with that covers everyone from the captains, high council members, random subordinates, and Quark is head of a house.
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