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Okay how far do you think the Nebula is from Regula? Because you seemed to think it's closer than it looked in the film.
How could I know?
It is close enough to be reached by the Enterprise in a relatively short time - and she can't have had full impulse power since the Reliant could still "outrun" her.
Doesn't means its in magic explosion wave of magic range, plus the Reliant and Enterprise were flying around in the thing for a while so it seems pretty deep so I'm still trying to figure out how this magic explosion wave of magic range is supposed to reach Regula in the time it takes to make any sense in this film.
Have you seen what a large area the explosion affected? Those nice looking ILM-smoke-rings covered quite some distance while the Enterprise warped just ahead of them.

It could be that which magics the Genesis-magic on Regula.
Or the the Genesis-magic magiced up a whole new planet that wasn't there a few moments before.
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