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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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I'm going to have to side with the Enterprise here. She has more firepower and can separate into two different vessels, giving poor Voyager two enemies instead of one. All things being equal, Voyager has no chance.
According to memory alpha, firepower is comparable between the two vessels. Furthermore the Intrepid class seems to be faster and possibly more maneuverable. Lastly the Galaxy class separating into two vessels isn't necessarily a prime tactical decision since the saucer has no warp propulsion and limited weapons systems. As I understand it the Intrepid also has a better sensor system than most other vessels, although it is not proven if it is better than the galaxy class. My guess is that in all out battle between the two ships, the power generation of the Galaxy may produce enough output to eventually overtake the Intrepid, while the Intrepid would probebly be more effective in Sweeping or Hit and Run attacks...again just my opinion.
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