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Re: First Presidential Debate

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I agree that choosing a candidate to vote for and support is an important thing to many people (including myself, at times). However, IMO, I don't see much thoughtful and careful choosing involved when there are only TWO choices.. people are forced to confront the whole "lesser of two evils" bs and pretty much abandon some issues that they find important and relevant because those issues are not important in their candidate's eyes. This is unfortunate.

..and this is why, in conclusion, I should be president. Obviously.
The thing is, I'm not choosing between the lesser of two evils, I'm choosing a moral and ethical good by voting for Obama.
moral and ethical = Obama????????? I don't follow politics all that closely, but those are not two words i would use to describe Obama. Socialist, yes, MORAL and ETHICAL,, no.
I'm not certain you know what the term "socialist" actually means, if you're applying it to Obama. Of course, this is explained by your first sentence, where you stated that you don't follow politics all that closely.

I'm not being snarky when I say this, but I would recommend you read up on the difference between political, social, and economic ideologies before calling someone a socialist.
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