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Re: Primeval: Canada

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WOW! This show must be incredibly cheap if SyFy is picking it up.
It's always cheaper to purchase the broadcast rights in a market than it is to produce the show yourself. Let someone else pour the money into development and production, and you just pay a nice little per episode fee.

This seems to be Syfy's current strategy. They only announced one new series they are developing themselves, everything else they have on the horizon (scripted drama-wise) are international acquisitions. No Austrailian/New Zealand series yet? Aren't they producing any sci-fi/fantasy worth exporting?
The new kiwi Scifi Show is called "the Almighty Johnsons".

The Norse Gods have been hiding in Human form for the last 200 years in west Auckland, their souls freejacking into human meatsuits each new generation along family bloodlines and exhibiting portions of their once great powers after a ceremony on their 21st birthday which ends the ignorance about their divine origins, however unfortunately slowly growing weaker after each reincarnation because of an unfulfilled prophecy that Odin needs to find his dread wife Frig, make up with her and tie the knot, which is when they all get levelled up.

The actors are adults and it's made for adults which is why the storymatter is full of sex, drugs, drinking, violence, politics, murder scheming and more sex.

So the newly minted "Odin" is on a quest to shag every woman in Auckland hoping that one of them is his "wife" and that order in the universe will be set right so that his family will be restored to full power where they rule the world.

2 seasons have wrapped and it's excellent.

More HBO than SYFY. SYFY would have to edit the shit out of this show to make it tolerable for their audience.
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