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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

Nechayev: I liked her, actually. Yes, she made some decisions one might not agree with and she was oft distanced from the events she statuted upon, but those are both artifacts of being a flag officer.
No, I say if you want to nominate an admiral from the TNG/DS9/VOY era (on top of vice admiral Leyton), it'd have to be admiral Ross.
His actions in Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges pretty thoroughly violate federation values.

Jellico: Well, there were some rough edges to him.
But, and IIRC the episode made note of it at the end, much of the tensions were due to the crew.
Some of them had legitimate grievances, but Riker in particular didn't seem to give Jellico any chance.
And well, there's the teething problems; had he remained in command of the Enterprise longer, much of the problems (and probably his attitude) would've smoothed out with time.
Still, as has been mentionned, his unflinching nature could've been problematic in some events: Picard's trust of his senior staff did save the vessel and all aboard on several occasions, Hero Worship is one of those: Data tells him to drop the shields, no explanation given, and he does.

Harkins: You've got to keep in mind he's Barclay's boss, and apparently has been for quite some time. In fact, he seems to be a friend of his.
And Barclay does suffer from some sort of cognitive disorder (hard to pinpoint which as it depends on writer), so Harkins is merely acting out of concern for his friend.
Patronising, maybe, but still concerned.
Aside: I've always found it a depressing failing of the Federation that in all that time, although medical science has made enormous progress in the treatment of physical illnesses, it doesn't seem to have made any in the treatment of mental illnesses.

Maddox: well, yeah, that's the whole point of his presence in the show.
He is indeed smug as smug can be, but deep down, even he isn't a bad guy; and he did demonstrate an ability rarely found in jerks: that of changing his mind.

The article notably forgets:
- Admiral Satie. Like Maddox, she's written just to provide antagonism, so it's entirely intentional, obviously.
- Commander/Captain Sisko. "In the Pale Moonlight"... need I say more?
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