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Re: Enterprise-D vs. Voyager (extenuating circumstances)

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Now Voyager takes on a Borg Tactical cube, you know, a borg cube amped up to the inth degree. And single handedly cripples the cube.
I'm afraid you are mis-remembering "Unimatrix Zero." In "Part I," Voyager gets her ass handed to her by Tactical Cube 138 and only survives by warping away -- which was fine, since the plan was to take some damage and then warp out as a distraction for the team from the Delta Flyer beaming aboard. But they certainly didn't win that battle. In "Part II," Voyager fares a little better against 138, as she's aided by a Borg sphere that's been hijacked by liberated drones from Unimatrix Zero, but she still only survives because the Borg Queen initiates a self-destruct sequence for Tactical Cube 138 as an attempt to kill Janeway while she's aboard.


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Buzzer -- the guy from the 20th century said that the Enterprise wasn't as efficient run as a luxury cruise ship he was once aboard.
To be even more specific, Mister Offenhouse compares the Enterprise-D unfavorably to the RMS Queen Elizabeth 2, which was an ocean liner rather than a cruise liner. (Ocean liners are built tougher to withstand constant travel on high seas running regular trans-oceanic routes; cruise ships aren't as tough, and are built for shallower and less harrowing waters, for cruises rather than regular trans-oceanic routes. Think the difference between a pick-up truck and a luxury car.)
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