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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

Flying Spaghetti Monster wrote: View Post
Guess what?

No, seriously. I'm proven absolutely correct;
from this interview
What was the first germ of the idea for Looper?
Back before Brick, I wrote a short film that I never ended up shooting: hit men in the present who work for a mob in the future who send their victims back in time. A guy is sent his future self, he lets him run, and the whole short was them chasing each other across the city. That sat in a drawer for 10 years until after I made Brothers Bloom.
Next time give me a challenge!!
You are still wrong, because the entire basis of your argument is wrong.

You claimed that the writer-director was compelled by external forces to "pad out" a "scant screenplay" from the "core idea" of the loopers. This is, in fact, not correct. It was Johnson's own decision to tell the story this way, and he obviously realized that the looper concept itself wasn't enough to hang a feature film on, so he tied in the larger themes and built the story around those. The looper concept is the catalyst for the real story.

You claimed he should have "stuck to his guns," when in fact he made the exact movie he wanted--he's said as much.

Your assertion that he was forced by others to pad out a short screenplay is simply wrong.
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