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Re: So how do you ignore someone....

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So how do you ignore someone that think your trying to copy or cheat off of them? What your best way to ignore jerks like that?
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I don't go for chicks that think I am some kind of a cheater looking to get a head in the class.
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I'm not making this complicated, I don't know where you get that from? I was only asking a question.
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Where are you from if you don't know what 101 classes are?
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It a community college, students there get mad over the silliest things including the older adults who are of a lower social class. I'm not going to get into a verbal argument with spoiled teenager or some trashy person.
I can't imagine why you're having problems. You seem to handle everything in such a mature, rational manner.

You're not in high school any more. This is a non-issue that you should be able to resolve quite easily in a number of different ways. If the girl keeps accusing you of cheating, tell her to stop or just ignore her, which you're inexplicably having problems with. If she persists, tell her to take it to the professor, and if she refuses, take it to the professor yourself. Change seats. If someone doesn't like that you took their seat, explain the situation to them (about wanting to move away from the other student). Being adults, they should understand. If they don't, tough luck, it's not assigned seating. None of these things are difficult or major problems.

Whatever you do, act more mature, get some backbone, drop the attitude, and stop classifying everyone as jerks, spoiled, lower social classes, or trashy.

What an irritating thread.
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