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Re: Ursula's fate. (Love & Monsters)

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Why do people want to reject an episode as a dream or fantasy? It seems like too much work. Just accept that it's a crappy episode and move on.
"Love and Monsters" can be both a crappy episode and a dream, fantasy, or delusion.

Ursula never appears as a face-in-a-slab in the video diary, which is the only reliable part of the episode. As I recall, the rest of the story is told in flashback, in the vein of How I Met Your Mother. I think it's entirely possible Elton is completely delusional, and the story is being related to us by an unreliable narrator. It's still a crappy story, but now it's a crappy story being told by a crappy story-teller.

... So I would say it's better than death. Certainly not good, but I think that's at least fair.
I just can't see the Doctor leaving anyone to live as a face-in-a-slab. Not only does it seem like something he shouldn't be able to do with a wave of the sonic screwdriver, it also strikes me as something that he wouldn't want to do.
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