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Re: TP: Brinkmanship by Una McCormack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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. . . 5 out of 5 great conclusion to the typhon pact.
Conclusion to the Typhon pact!?!

Another thing came to mind that has stuck with me from this novel. When the Enterprise is dispached to pick up the Cardassian negotiator, Akaar says something like. "She's a democrat, our kind of Cardassian."

This rubbed me the wrong way. The UFP is a democracy (more accurately a Republic) but it has allies that are not democracies. For example, the Klingons have been allies for a long time and they have a type of Oligarchy government. Akaar himself comes from a planet that, last we saw, was not a democracy. Then you have the Romulans, which have a Republican goverment but are historically at odds with the UFP. So should the negotiator being a democrat matter? Was this a statement of partiality?
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