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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Too right. Perhaps there is a kernel of truth to the "smear machine" in general, but in this case, Bobby deserved it.
A kernel? Name one big-name player or coach who's left that team in the last decade or so and hasn't had a complete hatchet job done on them. The only difference here is that Valentine brought a lot of the shit upon himself.

So who's going to be the next Sox manager? Varitek? They always say catchers make the best managers, and AFAIK Tek is pretty much the anti-Bobby in terms of the level of respect that players, fans, etc. have for him.
They're expected to make an aggressive play for John Farrell, and it's known that he wants the job, but AA would demand a pretty hefty sum in return (if he'd even be willing to let Farrell go in the first place, which isn't guaranteed).

In any event, the manager was pretty low on the list of "things that are wrong with the Red Sox." Still can't get over that Youkilis trade.
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