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Re: Survivor 25: Phillipines Discussion Thread

Angie was retaaaaaarded. I cringed every time her confused furrowed brow appeared on the television. She didn't even deserve to be there in the first place. Enjoy those back problems.

Russell, you ain't much better dude.

I hope that alliance of Malcom and the older woman who's an amazing diver stick, but it'll be tough once the merge happens.

The Brazilian would be fun to have sex with but the crazy that resides deep within her is pretty discomforting. You'd have to run like hell once you were done. Truth be told, I actually love loose cannons like that on Survivor so I'm enjoying her shenanigans. RC, you fucked up huge.

That Peter guy actually seems like he might have his shit together. Facts of life is nothing more than a floating pawn.

Too bad Jonathon is suspected of having the idol, I get a feeling he might be blindsided unless him and mediocre baseball player Jeff Kent put something together.
Ice up son, ice up.
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