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Netflix could pick up the same shows, and no doubt they do, without devoting airtime to them. So we can all see this stuff without SyFy picking anything up, and that's not even counting piracy.
Not everyone has a Netflix account. No harm in making a show available on multiple platforms for multiple audiences.

Every show that SyFy acquires means one less original show that they might develop...
That's a false equivalency, because it's not a zero-sum game between those two. It's not like there's some fixed, finite number of slots for original programming; rather, they make as many original scripted dramas as they can afford to, while paying the bills for those shows by filling the rest of their schedule with cheaper, sadly more popular programming like wrestling and vaguely genre-themed reality shows and Z-grade monster movies. Imported shows from Canada or the UK fall into that latter category, the stuff that's cheaper to put on the air (since they don't have to pay for producing it) and helps them pay the bills.

So the imported dramas don't take the place of original scripted dramas; they take the place of more stupid reality shows and wrestling and Z movies. As I said, they're a way for the network to get more scripted programming onto their schedule within the constraints of their budget.

You gotta spend money to make money. SyFy's cheapass routine is definitely hurting their brand. They're solidifying a rep as the home of laughable, cheap crap. It's pennywise ans pound foolish.
You're damning Primeval: New World (not to mention Continuum and Sinbad) as "cheap crap" without even having seen it? What's so horrible about importing programming from other countries? PBS does it all the time. BBC America is defined by it.
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