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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Evening all, I just wanted to let people know my experiences with Showmasters in the past few days. I was beginning to read worrying things about the Gold ticket I had bought on their official forums. My friend and I had bought tickets separately and unbeknownst to me at the time there were in fact two talks for each captain and these were going to be randomly allocated across the Saturday and Sunday so there was a risk my friend and I would go to the show and end up experiencing it separately. I joined their forum, set up a topic on the subject and had in confirmed that the allocation would be random.

I also started to read worrying things about the random allocation of the in-person autographs. Everyone with a Gold ticket seemed to be getting the same 5 of 6 guests. ‘Daniel Stewart, Carolyn Seymour, Bobby Clarke, Manu Intiraymi, Eddie Paskey and Gwynyth Walsh’ My Gold ticket had arrived and that was who I got. The last one seems to vary between Walsh, Chase Masterson, Alice Krige and Denise Crosby. The first 5 were the same in all the posts I had found.
Also my ticket number batch was in the 500’s I’ve seen people post with tickets numbered in the 200’s and the 300’s with the same auto’s allocated, which seemed odd to me.

I tried to set up a topic on the Showmasters boards with a poll for people to select what ticket they had purchased (VIP, Platinum, Gold, Silver or 3 Weekend pass) as each of these tickets were allocated a ‘random in person autograph’ (6 for Gold, 4 for silver and 1 for Weekend pass) the minute the topic went up it was bombarded with messages saying it wouldn’t be an accurate poll and the of the ’12,000 tickets sold’ only a small portion frequented the forums. I pointed out first of all the number of tickets they quoted included 1 and 2 day tickets, so 12,000 people will not in fact be allocated random in person auto’s. I then said then it could at least serve as a way to collate the data on the people who use the forums just to see who they’ve got. My topic was then deleted without warning.

I then made two more posts in another topic which was referencing the Gold Tickets and these were my exact words:

“It seems my topic with a poll on what auto’s people were allocated was deleted. Classy Mods. Very Classy.”

“Yeah, it’s sad really. Must be all about trying to make the most money I guess. It’s almost as if they don’t want other people to know what autographs have been randomly allocated.”

Then my posts were deleted along with my member profile. No warning or anything just gone. It seems to me now that it is a clear and cynical money grab and they have screwed over the Gold ticket holders. I can’t speak for silver as haven’t seen anyone say who they have received yet. They have deliberately given people auto’s for guests who are not going to be as popular, so much for a ‘random’ allocation. I’ll be honest after this show I am done with Showmasters they just seem to be in it for the money and when you call them on something they try to cover it up.

P.S Apologies if I am not supposed to mention about what happens in other forums, but I felt it was important in the context of my post to point out that the organizers don’t seem to want to know who people have been allocated what tickets. I only quote my posts to highlight that I was not aggressive or argumentative and as far as I can see did not warrant being banned unless they actually did have something to hide regarding the ticket allocation.
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