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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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Second, the Enterprise is supposed to be 40 years old (same for the shuttlecraft design?) by the time of TOS. There are no pressure containment screens like in Star Wars or - obviously - TMP. The entire shuttlebay area needs to be pressurized and depressurized as shown in TOS.
The Enterprise is closer to 20 years old in TOS. According to the Okudachron, She was launched in 2245 and season one of the show is pegged at 2266. When Admiral Morrow says the ship is 20 years old in ST3, it's really closer to 40 years old then. One wonders what 20 years he's referring to...

Third, we have seen in TOS a noticable amount of corridors and rooms that are on the same level as and lead to the hangar deck. All those are gone in TMP; whatever decks and corridors used to be there have been torn out and made way - for an empty space whose purpose evades the imagination (well, at least mine).

Recently at an airshow I talked to the pilots of a C-17 Globemaster whether they did use the remaining empty space above the freight pallets. Well, they don't but that's 21st Century technology we were talking about.

It almost seems in TMP a starship of exploration has become a starship of (cargo) transportation. If you were to reassemble the essential elements now remaining in the engineering hull, the Reliant would be a possible design outcome.

I am of the opinion that the TOS ship had most of it's power generation business in the midst of the engineering hull and through the nacelles. When the ship is refit for TMP, the reactor equipment is much different and more compact and the entire drive system is revolutionarily different. So, a great deal of the ship which had been devoted to engineering spaces, now has no specific use so it's utilized to expand greatly the cargo capacity. Normally, this area is a large cavity accessible to the shuttlebay, but if the need for more cargo floor-space comes up, then "roll-out" floors can be deployed. These floors were (IIRC) suggested by Probert when he designed this area during the TMP pre-production.


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