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Re: TNG Caption This! 285: Power to the Players

Picard: "'Hitler on Ice'. Hmmm. Knowing the 20th century as I do, that means Hitler is either dead - or starring in musical ice-rink entertainment for the masses".

Fellow on Left: "Or both, sir".

Picard: "My god. I hadn't thought of that. Zombie Hitler. No wonder the British want aid".

Worf: "Klingon ships know it well. With the captain and first officer removed, it is only a matter of time before the battlelust of the crew, absent the iron hand of discipline, begins to boil over, destroying all semblance of civility in an orgy of rage and unchecked bloodshed".

Yar: "It looks pretty relaxed to me"

Worf (nodding to himself): "Dangerously close to eruption".

After seeing the probe, Data suddenly realized what had been niggling at his mind all shift - he'd left the iron on.
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