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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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But since when was Die Hard about helicopter attack ships and babes in tight vinyl?
There has been someone shooting from a helicopter in literally every Die Hard film, and in the first movie there were Huey gunships. Die Hard 2 was the only one without a helicopter with a machine gun in it, and that still had McClane shooting a handgun from one. Plus, though probably not the best comparison, the last movie had an F-35 jet take out a freeway. As far as babes in tight outfits, Maggie Q certainly fit that bill in the last one, but I don't recall if she wore vinyl or not.

I get your point that this looks more like a war movie than a traditional Die Hard film, but to be fair, the lack of dialogue (except the quip at the end) could be a big part of that. If the theatrical trailer features the usual dry wit and sarcasm of McClane, I think that will go a long way. And the amusing "007 of Plainview, New Jersey" line leads me to believe there's more of that to come.
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