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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

(@T'Baio)^Well, there were helicopters in the first movie, to be fair, when the FBI launched their abortive attack.

I do take your point though. I'd prefer a more localised and small-scale movie in the vein of the first one. This one, like 4.0, seems to be taking its cue from With a Vengeance more than the original movie. I love WAV and when it came out, it was a necessary break from the confined-space setting of the first two - but now it seems like each movie has to be bigger and more spectacular than the last.

The babes in leather do look a bit like a leftover from the Wiseman movie (though you could equally have argued that the blonde babe with the scar in WAV was just as misplaced).

I'll forgive it a lot of sins, though, if McClane is more like the spluttering, swearing, out-of-his-depth-but-won't-give-up cop of the first movie and less of the silent superman of the last one. From the look of this one, they might just have given him back some of his original traits. Here's hoping.
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