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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

I liked the anamorphic lens flares in the beginning, like in Die Hard and Die Hard 3. I liked Willis' line and that Addison smile he made in that other shot. He wears a white shirt again. And of course Beethoven's 9th. A much better trailer than any of the trailers for Live Free or Die Hard.

But it still doesn't look like Die Hard to me. Die Hard is about people who almost piss their pants trying to survive against powerful bad guys. This, just like Die Hard 4, looks like superheroes walking through goons. And this time not only McClane is a superhero, his son is one as well. I'm fine with helicopters and tanks and armored cars and a huge setting, but it's almost only the characters that make it a Die Hard or not.

And the score. But since Michael Kamen is dead, we'll be getting some dull shit like in the last one anyway.
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