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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

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"Safety during launch as the Enterprise can continue to maneuver while the launch rails prevents the shuttle from accidentally floating into a wall on departure.
This does make great sense, considering how wobbly the TOS-R landings and takeoffs tend to be - and how wobbly the one takeoff we witnessed in TOS, that on the planet in "The Galileo Seven", was. So, a RAST system for a space helicopter, then, rather than a catapult for a space aeroplane?"
Good thing we can hopefully all agree on that. Just have one of these typical bumpy situations aboard the TOS Enterprise and imagine a simultaneous shuttle launch in progress...besides, the unobstructed opening to space is the widest at the bottom of the flight deck.

There is one recurring idea I have to disagree - That of both the flight deck and the hangar deck lead to a vast open space like in TMP.

First, there is the official production drawing which indicates a bulkhead where the shuttlebay VFX miniature ends:

Second, the Enterprise is supposed to be 40 years old (same for the shuttlecraft design?) by the time of TOS. There are no pressure containment screens like in Star Wars or - obviously - TMP. The entire shuttlebay area needs to be pressurized and depressurized as shown in TOS.

Third, we have seen in TOS a noticable amount of corridors and rooms that are on the same level as and lead to the hangar deck. All those are gone in TMP; whatever decks and corridors used to be there have been torn out and made way - for an empty space whose purpose evades the imagination (well, at least mine).

Recently at an airshow I talked to the pilots of a C-17 Globemaster whether they did use the remaining empty space above the freight pallets. Well, they don't but that's 21st Century technology we were talking about.

It almost seems in TMP a starship of exploration has become a starship of (cargo) transportation. If you were to reassemble the essential elements now remaining in the engineering hull, the Reliant would be a possible design outcome.


P.S. Just found this original Matt Jefferies design for the "TMP" Enterprise, please note the dimensions of the shuttlebay area:
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