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But, the Prime Directive would prevent Starfleet from involving themselves and aiding a race on one side of a Civil War
What part of THEY WERE TRYING TO KILL HIM AT THE TIME do you not understand the Prime Directive doesn't say squat about not kicking someone's ass when they are trying to KILL you, or else every time the Starfleet officers defended themselves from hostiles they would be violating the Prime Directive which is beyond ridiculous.
Huh, I'm not sure you understand where I'm coming from, it's The Federation interferring in a Civil War that I am calling a Prime Directive violation? No one would be trying to kill Picard, if The Federation was obeying the Prime Directive and not interferring in a Civil War. It was pointed out the Federation were working with the Son'a, who had a claim to the planet, just like the Baku did. the Federation working with the Son'a was interferring in a Civil War in order to get what they wanted. Picard was trapped in the middle of the whole damned mess that Starfleet created.
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