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Re: First Presidential Debate

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Notwithstanding, I also wonder what kind of voter is still truly undecided at this point in the game? Those voters seem so few it hardly seems worth chasing after them.
Seriously what is the difference between the two?
If you are American it makes a great difference if you are not a one percenter who needs social security and health insurance and cannot pay for those out of your own pocket.

If you are not American it makes a great difference if you are in need of international aid. Romney was willing to let th US automotive system go to hell - his own countrypeople. Imagine how he would feel about bailing out Spain, Greece or the rest of the EEU.

And if you are an international ally you might not wish to be dragged into the military disaster he could blunder us into - would you wish to be dragged into a war that keeping his mouth shut to mollify the fundamental right who voted him in could have prevented?

In other words, it makes a great difference to everyone.
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