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Re: First Presidential Debate

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Romney lied and misrepresented his own plans... but: He did put up a good show. He was more awake, more active, more reactive and more fluid in his speech than Obama.

Obama seemed annoyed at Romney denying his own plans and his speech was terrible I thought. Lots of "uhhh", random stretched vowels while he was thinking, lots of trips of the tongue. And he didn't attack Romney at all.

That said Obama did explain why all of Romney's silly plans are just "magic" but I'm sure many people were blinded by Romney's decent performance.

Not happy.
Pretty much sums it up. Obama can do and has done better. Romney was firing on all cylinders and never let up. There's more fire in him than I'd have given him credit for.
I agree with both of you. I was disappointed with the President's performance.
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