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I like the episode very much and merely pointed out the utter incompetence of this "business man".
So the smart thing would be to step into that cryogenic capsule with zero financial plans set up, because those plans won't work and future people will take care of you anyway. This is what you would do.
Yep. His capital did not accidentally not last for three centuries so he should have given it to his family or spent it.
You tell me how to invest in 1712, step into a time machine and reclaim your capital in 2012 and I will gladly change my mind. I am not much of a student of history but I am not aware of any Western country which has not gone through some significant political shifts since then.

I understand why you believe that the good-will of others is less likely than capital lasting for three hundred years though. People in general and for historical reasons Americans even more so like to imagine that they are independent individuals who do not have to rely on anyybody or anything. It hurts to realize that one depends on others and on the specific social system one lives in.
So who is more naive, the guy who thinks that the people who unfreeze him will not be cruel to him or the guy who thinks that people will protect his property while he is absent for three hundred years?

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You cannot design a complex contract system that guarantee that somebody will manage your capital while you are out for three centuries.
Why should you? You don't really expect to come back or anything. But you can entrust your wealth on somebody, and you can trust it is in his interests to maximize that wealth, and in the interests of the next guy to keep doing the same.
You ever created automatized (you are not around to screen applicants and hire) labour contracts which will guarantee that a job is done for three hundred years while you are not around and furthermore contain complicated incentive wage patterns which make the manager increase your wealth? Who sues the manager if he violates the contract?
This is ludicrous even if you assume totally unrealistically that no laws will change and no major political upheaval will occur during three centuries.
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