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Re: does a starfleet ship always have a CO with the rank of captain?

^ Yeah, that's Robert Wood's Ariel emblem that I was referring to. I had intended to mention the Penal colony emblem, but I forgot about it at the keyboard.

This page at Memory Alpha has a clickable Huron pic:

The Antares emblem in that chart is missing its inset "radiant star," by the way, best visible on Captain Ramart: (clickable pic).

The Cestus III/outpost emblem does look like a fish, but Memory Alpha describes it as a seashell. I've never seen a great picture of it. Even in the remastered episodes, it's too blurry to make out in detail.

I did forget about the UN-like emblems; those are both from The Cage, right? I don't recall whether they were in Where No Man..., or any other episode, off the top of my head, but I'll admit they could have been.
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