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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

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I can't remember Ronald Tracy, but didn't he go a little mad?
Yeah, he also killed a s@#tload off the locals and a redshirt and then tried to bring Kirk and Co. down with him

Honestly he was worse than a jerk.

Peter Harkins I don't know, I'd lost all interest in VOY by then so I can't really comment.
With this guy he had a point seeing as Barclay was relapsing into his unhealthy behavior from his first appearance on TNG.

Admiral Leyton has jerk-like qualities, and his attempt to explain away his actions as being for the greater good are a little worrying.
True but framing Sisko as a Changeling was a pretty jerky thing to do.

Commissioner Ferris is another character I don't remember, so can't say either way.
Basically the guy was a bureaucratic asshole who seemed to love pointing out to Kirk that he was technically in charge during the mission, pretty much spend a good chunk of the episode criticizing Kirk, and then tried to make Kirk leave Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Not Rand!, and some other crew members to die.
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