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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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^ Ooh, nice! Nothing feels as nice as cashmere. What color?
Black, just about the only color I wear besides green and white. I don't have the inclination to coordinate too much stuff!

Bit off topic, but re: the bit I bolded, I tried on a couple of vicuna items in Dunhill last year. I was pretty sceptical - the eternal buzz is that vicuna is softer than even the finest cashmere and the finest fabric you can get at about 10 microns roughly* - but it really does have a genuinely wonderful hand to it.

Of course, then I looked at the price tags and put them back on the rack. There's a reason the shop assistant in Sunset Boulevard only recommends taking the vicuna if the lady is paying! Genuinely high quality cashmere (rather than the coarser stuff) from a top Scottish or Italian mill is still only a mere fraction of the price of vicuna... I think the vicuna overcoat I tried on was something around 20-30k and the jacket in the region of 10-15k (can't remember exact figures). Of course, at this level, cost comparisons become inexact/non-meaningful because normal price elasticity curves don't apply, but still, vicuna is genuinely rare and I think Loro Piana have something of a lock on its milling because they cut a deal with the Peruvian Government re: sourcing the rare wool, which helps keep prices high. Talking of LP, I was sorely tempted to buy a vicuna scarf from them a while back before sense returned. One day, I would like to have more money than sense.

(*allegedly, IIRC shatoosh is even finer but its trade is highly illegal so I've no experience as to whether that's true)

Would love to knit with such fibers! There is an Alpaca farm close by and I've often contemplated contacting them about their wools!

As for more money than sense; I sometimes think that too. Only for a moment though . . .

Sorry, spliced the quote wrong, the remark abt only wearing black is mine, NOT. Holdfast's. Though it seems unlikely he would struggle with coordinating colors!
Just one woman; doing what I can, with what I've got, where I'm at!

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