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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

Admiral Morrow is a flag officer who has to look at the bigger picture, rather than just stroke Kirk's ego.

I can't remember Ronald Tracy, but didn't he go a little mad?

Alynna Nechayev is a forthright and strong-willed woman, who is obviously very good at what she does to have made Admiral and be put in charge of several big, important operations. She may not be in the Picard fan club, but that hardly makes her a jerk.

Peter Harkins I don't know, I'd lost all interest in VOY by then so I can't really comment.

Commander Shelby is an ambitious go-getter, the kind of officer that really deserved a post on the E-D, but was beaten off by frumpy Riker, who comes off more of a jerk than she did.

Admiral Leyton has jerk-like qualities, and his attempt to explain away his actions as being for the greater good are a little worrying.

Admiral Cartwright was alright in TVH, but does turn into something of a jerk in TUC.

Commissioner Ferris is another character I don't remember, so can't say either way.

Edward Jellico wasn't my favourite character, but I'd hardly call him a jerk for that. He had a very different way of doing things and didn't make friends with the TNG crew, because they weren't his crew--so of course there would be butting of heads.

Bruce Maddox is a jerk.
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