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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

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What a nonsensical one-dimensional categorization. Picard is quite strict and disciplined but he is not ordering people to do something just for the sake of being able to show that he is the boss. He takes his crew seriously, listens to them and then makes his decision. He also encourages his crew to think on their own and to question unjust authority (Allegiance).
Contagion neatly illustrates the deep trust between him and his senior officers. When Geordi arrives at the bridge and is thrown out of the turbolift he shouts that the probe has to be destroyed. Picard knows that Geordi would never say this if he did not have a good reason so he immediately does what he told him.
Somebody like Jellico who merely relies on the chain of command and does not care to establish a mutual sense of trust would have reacted differently in this situation which might have lead very well to the destruction of the Enterprise.
You mean like when Jellico forced LaForge to fly the mission instead of swallowing his pride and asking Riker to do it?

Riker questioned Picard's first order and was essentially told to shut his mouth and carry out the order. Jellico was much nicer to Riker during their first encounter and then got irritated when Riker didn't carry the order out.
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