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Re: Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

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And I don't know why it's so shocking or repugnant to hear him talk about how special and noble humanity is, or to suggest we may one day evolve to become something better. That's kind of the central message of the series!
Because a few minutes later, the same man praises one of his officers for not saving a child. It's kind of difficult to believe someone who declares that humanity will one day become like angels and gods, yet finds the death of children perfectly acceptable without so much as showing any sign of remorse.

And if this episode really wanted to go to the extreme in Riker using his powers to help others, he should have brought the child back to life with her parents there. Do you think that the parents of this recently deceased child are going to reject having their daughter back because they don't want to risk Riker, a person who they don't even know, from being corrupted by this power? I think something different would happen.
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