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It seems that this time Spock is T'Pring
It would be funny if she doesn't have Stonn here and it's Spock the one who rejects her this time because he has Uhura. Talk about karma! Not that I dislike T'Pring, she has got a point for this reason it could be interesting if this time it's Spock the one seeing the flaws in the whole arranged thing.

Maybe he isn't betrothed to her at all or he ended it sooner.
I never got the idea that the whole thing made it impossible for him to date other girls, anyway. It didn't seem like he cared about it that much. No wonder why, it's not like TOS Spock actually had a relationship with T'Pring. The whole betrothed thing seems to me more a backup plan for pon far (just in case they don't have a beloved one that can help them) than anything else.
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