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again, it what depend what you mean by "good results." There aren't really comparable situations in real life to having a small village be sitting on top of the type of resource in INS, so it would be a silly comparison. I can think of some forced relocations that certain ethnic or nationalities would have found to have "good results," but it's still not comparable. Which is why I say that it's so important to look at the concrete matters of THIS situation. The issue isn't whether about forced relocation is good in the abstract, because it isn't. It's about whether it's JUSTIFIED HERE, which it is.

And as to DonIago's point, yes that's it exactly. There's no "my god what have I done?" realization on Picard's part that he just flagrantly broke the PD and took a side in a civil war. He goes blithely on his way, never acknowledging that he was wrong, and that the Son'a may have been justified. It makes him look like a colossal hypocrite after his debate with Dougherty.

And there may have still been some time to salvage the situation at the end, with an offer to withdraw the UFP. But no, there's no such attempt.
So you still haven't found any example which is hardly a surprise as "relocation" is always a euphemism for murder. Happened to the Indians, happened to the Jews.

Ehm, Picard was a civilian at that moment and he did not step down because he was about to violate Dougherty's orders but because he was about to violate the Prime Directive. He as well as his senior officers were perfectly aware of what they are doing, fighting against the wickedness of the Federation and trying to prevent the relocation of the Ba'ku. If a significant part of Starfleet becomes unlawful and some officers go rogue in order to prevent or undo these actions it is obvious who is more truthful to the spirit of the Prime Directive.
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