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Re: TOS Enterprise Shuttle Storage?

the idea of a guided rail landing path is repeated in TMP for the flying trams
Which is weird in its own right, but at least these "trams" (or "limos"?) do not demonstrate the ability to hover, nor do they have landing pads in evidence. It's just weird weird, not blatantly illogical weird. Much like San Francisco in general.

The TMP Enterprise even carries those 3 rails on the flight deck visible on the exterior model.
Interesting - could you point to a shot featuring these? Are they on the flight deck floor just inboard of the clamshell doors or something?

1. Save fuel on launches. Those TOS shuttles had a limited fuel supply.
If we're already assuming the shuttle is too clumsy to survive without a turntable, then there must be some sort of an invisible tractor beam to assist in its recovery already. Why bother with a mechanical catapult in addition to that? Plus, it's not as if the launch would consume any appreciable amount of fuel, according to "The Galileo Seven": an empty fuel tank gets the shuttle to orbit, which is about a million times harder than floating out of the door.

...Okay, perhaps that was a bit inaccurate. Ten trillion times harder might be closer to the mark.

Safety during launch as the Enterprise can continue to maneuver while the launch rails prevents the shuttle from accidentally floating into a wall on departure.
This does make great sense, considering how wobbly the TOS-R landings and takeoffs tend to be - and how wobbly the one takeoff we witnessed in TOS, that on the planet in "The Galileo Seven", was. So, a RAST system for a space helicopter, then, rather than a catapult for a space aeroplane?

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