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Re: Explain the craze about this restaurant review.

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It's the earnestness with which she reviews an Olive Garden that has prompted some people to mock and parody her delivery, and others to think that it must be Onion-like satire. When it went viral and so many people started mocking her, big time chefs and food critics like Anthony Bourdain came to her defense, and she went on the talk show circuit. The journalism award was a lifetime achievement award from her alma mater at the University of South Dakota, so it's not like she got a Pulitzer.

It's essentially the journalistic equivalent of the Rebecca Black Friday video where people parodied it or made fun of it mercilessly, until people felt bad and started supporting her, and she eventually did the talk show circuit.
Plus, her review is rather solid. She gets right to the point about the atmosphere, the food, the service, making pertinent points along the way, and she relayed it all in an easy to read, organized fashion.
Okay, both those make quite a bit of sense.

It was a well-written, enjoyable review, written not to show off writing skills or cultural sophistication or a thousand other things, but to tell readers what the new Olive Garden was like, which is the purpose of writing a review, and why we read them (when wer'e not so bored to go looking for snark and purple prose).

So she's basically like the school-bus monitor lady that gained fame by doing a thankless job and doing it well, minus the in-your-face teenage attacks posted on Youtube.
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