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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I do slightly prefer TNG overall to DS9, mostly because of the main cast. The casting for that show was amazing. I didn't quite connect with DS9's cast as much (although I love O'Brien and Quark), but they were still much better than the cast of Enterprise or Voyager IMO.

It was the amazing writing that kept me hooked and made the show awesome. They weren't afraid to try new things for the franchise. There were some really awesome recurring characters as well. Garak, Weyoun, Dukat, Kai Winn, Martok, Eddington and, of course, Morn!

Anyway, I consider TNG and DS9 to be far and away the best of the Trek series, so I'd LOVE to have them both remastered.

Oh and great to hear about the Diana Muldaur interview for Season 2! :-P
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