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Re: The Genesis planet...

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I'm sorry, but I didn't claim that Regula was Genesis. From the content of my earlier posts in this thread, about how fast the Genesis Planet evolved, it should be pretty clear that I accept that Genesis formed out of the nebula, apart from Regula.
Then I am confused about why you brought up the whole name change issue. What name was changed in Trek three if it wasn't the Regula planetoid to Genesis Planet?
I answered why I brought it up, already.

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What I said was that the argument that a name change is implausible doesn't wash. Not at all. That's especially so in the context of the political controversy.
I'm not arguing that any name change occurred, only that a name change might be completely plausible if the two planets were one and the same.

Pointing to the fact that the name Regula was never used to refer to the Genesis Planet carries no weight in the argument that the two were supposed to be different. To support my point, I've cited a real world example when the name of a place has been changed, following political events.

In other words, I agree with those who've said that a name change makes total sense. I agree, it would, if the two planets were the same.
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