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Re: Ursula's fate. (Love & Monsters)

What made it worse was that literally a few episodes earlier Ten had implied that life as a Cyberman was a living death, yet apparently existance as a paving slab is tickerty boo...I guess it isn't that different from being the face of Boe!

Ah Love and Monsters. RTD at his best and his worst, all in one episodes. There's some lovely stuff in there; Jackie was never better than in this, the notion of people touched by the Doctor wanting to learn more about him, yet deciding they have more in common than just the Doctor, the quite sweet love story between Elton and Ursula.

It's just a shame about the other stuff unfortunately. The comedy Benny Hill chase at the start, the terrible (and not in a good way) villain, and the whole Ursula paving slab malarky.

And let's not get started on the "We even have a sex life" line. Do you? I suspect that Elton has a sex life, probably not much in it for Ursula!
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