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Re: Supernatural 8x1 "We Need to Talk About Kevin" spoiler discussion

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I kind of felt Dean was being a little hypocritical towards Sam since just a few seasons ago he did the same thing in quitting the hunting biz and attempted to start a family after Sam nosedived into Hell.

I also wonder what happened to Castiel and how he got so close to ally himself with a Leviathan.
While Dean did go start a family with Lisa, he out and out tells Sam when Soulless Sam finds him, that he did look into trying to free Sam from Hell (something they never did research previously, and they know that Castiel can get in and out of hell, so in that case at least on paper it would be possible).

So that aspect didn't bother me. Its the fact that Dean, with Sam and the more learned Bobby spent a year trying to learn everything they could about Purgatory (how to get in), then another year on how to get something back in. He knows how Sam would have no chance at all to get him. But wanted to hear that Sam at least tried.

Not that he would want Sam to really open a portal to Purgatory and to come in (could you imagine how Dean would beat the hell out of Sam if he did that). Like he got upset at Sam when he tried to open the Devil's gate to bring Dean back, or how mad he was at Sam when he thought Sam made a deal to bring him back.

But I think he wanted some lip service that he at least looked into it.

It just seems false to me, that after all the learned from Sam going into the Pitt, and then compounded by Bobby, and Bobby not leaving well enough alone, that I think he would have understood.

It also rang false that he was upset that Sam gave up hunting. Dean has over the years (especially after the cost was clearly looking like it would kill Sam) seen that he would want out. And he knows that Sam has always wanted it. But once Sam learned he was cursed, then compounded by accidentially freeing Lucifer, Sam felt intense guilt. So much that I never saw him quitting. But after being tortured for over a hundred years, Sam came back from Hell the opposite of Dean. He came back feeling that he had paid his dues. He even told Dean straight up that.

With the lose of his closest friends and family there wouldn't be any ties to keep Sam hunting and Dean should be plenty aware of that.

It made Dean look both petty, and stupid.

Of course, Sam's reaction. What you were in Purgatory, I had no idea. Made him look dumber then a box of rocks.

They know where monsters go when they are killed. Crowley told Sam, it was created a portal.

Ie portal to Purgatory. I mean seriously, Sam is supposed to be the smart one...

It sounds like I didn't like the episode, I actually did (last season's opener was better), but this was heads and tails better then the opener to season 6.

I like where they appear to be going, just didn't like how they got there, as it really didn't work.

I am also not sold on the acting ability of Kevin.

But he actor playing Benny was great, even over shadowing Crowley (Mark Sheppard is all kinds of great) but still.

I also am less keen to like the idea that one year in Purgatory is having a more obvious impact on Dean then 4 decades in Hell.

That seems a little odd, though you could argue that Dean was really repressing those experiences at first.
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