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And, unless it also shifted solar systems, why would it not still be called Regula? When McCoy was attempting to get transport there, in ST III, why not ask for passage to Regula?

"Genesis? Genesis is planet forbidden!"
People can't book passage to Czechoslovakia anymore. Prague hasn't moved, though.

Names can change, even when locations don't.
Okay, let's assume you are right.

The Genesis planet was formed from the Regula planetoid. And afterwards, the name was changed to the Genesis Planet.

My question is this: why would this name change be common knowledge if Genesis is so top secret that it is planet forbidden?
I'm sorry, but I didn't claim that Regula was Genesis. From the content of my earlier posts in this thread, about how fast the Genesis Planet evolved, it should be pretty clear that I accept that Genesis formed out of the nebula, apart from Regula.

What I said was that the argument that a name change is implausible doesn't wash. Not at all. That's especially so in the context of the political controversy.

I'll let Admiral Morrow take the rest of your question []:

MORROW: Jim, the Enterprise is twenty years old. We feel her day is over.
KIRK: But we had requested... We'd hoped to take her back to Genesis.
MORROW: That is out of the question.
KIRK: May I ask why?
MORROW: In your absence, Genesis has become a galactic controversy. ...Until the Federation Council makes policy, you are all under orders not to discuss with anyone your knowledge of Genesis. Consider it a quarantined planet, and a forbidden subject.
The word was already out. They were under orders not to discuss it.


While I considered both possibilities on first viewing, the tipping point for me was that Regula was not inside the nebula. As sketchy as the visual effects are, they pretty clearly suggest that the Genesis planet formed at ground zero of the explosion, which was inside the nebula. Therefore, not Regula.

If anything happened to Regula, it was absorbed by the Genesis wave along with the whole nebula and reformed at the point of explosion. Although there's no direct evidence of that either, it did occur to me during STIII that that could have explained the wonkiness of everything on the planet. David never brought that up though, so that casts an enormous amount of doubt on even just that idea.
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