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Made in Jersey.

It's more confused than Awful.

But it's almost awful.

From First principles... You can't call a series Made in Jersey when the lead actress was Made in Britain.

Just ridiculous.

Nothing against the girl, she was excellent on Human Target and I loved her episode of Merlin, but I hardly ever recognize her since she's always producing some weird new accent and I mistake her for just another very attractive actress. I just IMDB her now and again sand say "Really? Again?" I used to be the same With Emily Mortimer.

I don't watch the Jersey Shore but I know a little bit about it from endless clips and punditry by Joel McHale on the Soup, and what I should have been seeing was a sexy Oompa lumpa with claws like a sabretooth covered in garish gold Jewellery, taking her ear rings and shoes off ever time she wanted to fight someone.

The producers were too chicken to use the spray on tans.

Nothing says Jersey like Neon Orange flesh.

Her nails were in control and her dress-suit could have been from Ally McBeal during her civilized years. The distinction between her and any other 20 something the shop floor is ludicrous and bordering on inexact racism.

So all we really had to imply that these people were from Jersey was the "Whhhhhhhhattare YOOOU Tawkling abbbout.. CAN'T YOU SEE I'M WALKING HERE!!!!" accent (Which is more Broklyneese I had always been taught.) and constant exposition.

I grew up thinking Fran Dresher was "normal" so I didn't think that any of the Jersey characters, especially the lawyer lady used enough hair spray to add even a extra foot to her mugshot.

Now as to the actual lawyering?

Some minor politicking in the office which she wins out despite being the new kid on the block, but that's only because she spent 70 percent of the episode doing the Private Investigator's job to solve the crime of the week because he seemed to be directionless despite exposition assuring us that he was fabulous.

So is she a lawyer or a gumshoe?

All in all, a 4 out of 10

The season debut of the Good Wife, which happened about the same time, and should functionally be a clone of each other somewhat, fish out of water lady lawyer, I would have given a nine out of ten.
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